Thanks for visiting the site and I hope you’re blessed! Building CHYH was an idea that God gave me when I was just 16. Life then was already as confusing as it could be but one thing I knew clearly was God’s love- it had kept me safe when no-one in my life could and so I knew I had to do everything I could to spread it around. Nowadays, we live in a technological world where life is more than what we go through physically but also what we see and do online. So, with all the ups and downs of the online community,  I’ve created a piece of the internet that’s dedicated solely to God and I hope that you can follow me on this journey so we can grow, in faith and love, together. From my experiences, I know it’s extremely easy not to know our worth and to get lost in the motion of church without really understanding much about God. In the past, I kept feeling that my insecurities about myself, doubts about God and worries about the future made me less of a child of God. These thoughts kept me from spreading God’s word and sharing God’s love for a long time- which is our only mission on earth.

But I shed those lies when I began to dig deep into God’s word and I think it’s time for us to finally stand up tall and be proud of who we are, our faith and our destiny. We’re not born to live under the shadow of others or cower from being seen- we’re Kings and Queens by our inheritance from God so its time to finally show it. Chayah (shortened to CHYH) is a verb, it’s Hebrew and it means “to revive/ to give life“. Through this site, I’m looking to set a powerful revival to inspire believers to be bold in their life and their faith. To stand up tall and proud for who & what we believe in, because we know our father is doing the same for us too and because this is the easiest way to shine our light in a world filled with darkness.

John 3:16- ERV

Yes, God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him would not be lost, but have eternal life.